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Welcome to Lithuania

Lithuania - an independent sovereign state, one of the countries of the Baltic Sea coast with beautiful sandy beaches, clean air and colorful scenery, an abundance of historical and architectural interest. Maritime Palanga, reserve the Curonian Spit, the famous health resort of Druskininkai Birštonas or many other amazing places will be interesting to anyone who wants to relax.

The Republic of Lithuania is situated on the western edge of the East European Plain. The Baltic Sea lies the shortest way to Sweden and Denmark. In the north of the country is the longest land border with neighboring Latvia. In the east and south-east borders of Belarus, in the south - in Poland, and in the south-west - the Kaliningrad region of Russia. The capital of Lithuania - Vilnius. Other major cities: Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai, Panevezys. State whose territory is 65 300 km2, population - about 3.6 million inhabitants. In addition to Lithuanians living here also Russian, Poles, Belarusians and Ukrainians.

Home - river Neman. Most of the territory is occupied by low-lying plain, hills on the west and east. The climate in Lithuania is typical temperate, moist air is subject to the Atlantic. From west to east moving from marine to continental. The average January temperature is -8 ° C, in July +17 ° C.

One of the most important natural resources is amber, as there are reserves of peat and building materials. 25% of the country is mixed pine-deciduous forest, 17% - grassland, 7% - the swamp. Nature guarded, created nature reserves and national parks. Lithuanian land of waters in the country a dense network of rivers and lakes.

The main centers of tourism in Lithuania - Vilnius, rich historical and architectural monuments, the ancient capital - Trakai, beautiful Kaunas, Klaipeda sea, Palanga with its sandy beaches and resorts, pine forests and world-Birštonas Druskininkai. The development of tourism in Lithuania contributes a variety of landscapes and their attractiveness, wonderful national parks. Lithuania has organized many tourist routes, which include not only visit the old Lithuanian sightseeing, but also rest on the Baltic coast, rivers and lakes, high-quality treatment in comfortable homes. Lithuania is one of the oldest cultural centers in Eastern Europe and the birthplace of world-famous poets and E. Yu Baltrushaitis Mazhelaytisa, composer and painter M. Čiurlionis writer J. Martsinkyavichusa. Born in Lithuania, and the famous basketball player Arvydas Sabonis Romas.

Vilnius (formerly Vilna Vilna) - the largest city of the country and its capital (the first time in this role is mentioned in 1323). Ancient Vilnius developed in the valley of the River Neris near the top of the castle on the hill and the Lower Castle at its base, between which "grew" Old town with intricate fan-shaped network of streets. Today, Vilnius Old Town - one of the largest in Europe and the main attraction of the country. Vilnius in 1994, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Everyone who comes to Vilnius, can find something there that is close to his heart: a romantic old town, small cozy cafes and restaurants with original cuisine, different architectural styles from baroque to modern, mass entertainment, vibrant and welcoming attitude to newcomers . But everything will come together in a single view that Vilnius - a great city of ancient churches and cathedrals, green parks and gardens that create and nourish an atmosphere in which it is impossible not to think of the sublime.